A study in America found that playing Super Mario Sunshine made people more helpful in real life.

They assigned some students to play a video game that the researchers deemed prosocial-either Super Mario Sunshine (pictured above), in which Mario must clean up environmental pollution, or Chibi Robo, where players assume the role of a robot who helps a family manage their house...

...After playing the game, the students were paired with another person and told to make their partner complete 11 puzzles from a selection of 30"”10 of which were hard, 10 easy, and 10 in between. They were informed that if their partner was to solve 10 of the puzzles correctly, then the partner would receive a $10 gift certificate. The researchers deemed a person's behavior as "helpful" if the participant gave his or her partner an easy puzzle, "hurtful" if the puzzle was hard, and "neutral" for medium puzzles.

Their findings were quite dramatic: Those who played the prosocial games were significantly more likely to be helpful, while those who played the violent games were more likely to be hurtful.
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