Final Fantasy VII's original Spanish translation is considered to be one of the worst of all time, even being called the "Spanish Zero Wing" by some (the infamous "All Your Base are belong to us" videogame).

There are some minor mistakes, such as mistaking "Well" for "Rueda" (that means Wheel) or "Hurry" for "Hurra" (which means "Hooray") but there are others which completely destroy the dialogue. The most remarkable examples are:

-Every time that someone talks about Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa or any other female character from the game, they will be referred as if they were male, as some words in English ("the", "a", almost every adjective... etc.) are used for both males and females, but not in Spanish where most of them vary depending on the gender ("un/una", "el/la"...).

-The word "You" in English is both singular and plural, but in Spanish there are two words for that, "Tú" for singular, and "Vosotros" for plural. The word "Vosotros" is never used in the game.

-The word "Miss" is translated as "Merma" (literally "Decreases").

-One of the worst translated parts is the Gold Saucer, with sentences that don't make any sense, such as "Allévoy" (something like "Hericome" instead of "Allá voy", which means "Here I come") or "¿Quién participaré??" (literally "Who will I participate?").

-The word "Party" is used in every wrong way possible. Sometimes it says "Haz un partido de tres", which means "Make a political party of three", but the most known mistake is in Kalm's Inn, where the inn's owner says "Su fiesta le espera en el piso de arriba" ("fiesta" here meaning cheerful celebration).
Contributed by Gallego13