In the Blood and Wine expansion, there is a hidden achievement you can earn if you kill a frozen opponent with a crossbow bolt. The enemy can be frozen in two ways, by either using a Northern Wind bomb, or using the Piercing Cold to give a 25% chance of freezing opponents when Aard is cast. Beat down the enemy until they are low on health and then throw a bomb at them or try and freeze them with the Aard sign (keep in mind there is a chance they will die when doing this). Once they are frozen, finish them off with the crossbow. Alternatively, this achievement can be more easily earned on wild animals that can be killed with a single bolt. After the enemy is killed, Geralt will say "Hasta la Vista", and the achievement will be revealed, also named "Hasta la Vista™" but with a trademark symbol. This is a reference to a scene from the 1991 film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" where the Terminator says "Hasta la Vista, Baby" before shooting the frozen T-1000.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater