In a 2023 interview done to promote "The Super Mario Bros. Movie", Shigeru Miyamoto shared his thoughts and opinions on certain aspects of the character Mario that the filmmakers could easily take from the video games that made him endure over time and become so beloved the world over:

"It’s the very fact that he is not your typical superhero that makes him such an interesting movie character[...]He’s so relatable. He’s an Everyman character. He never gives up. He always keeps coming. Those qualities make for a very compelling central character.

I think part of it is the idea that Mario never gives up[...]And he’s kind of got this shy side to him. When all the attention is focused on him, he’s a little bashful and doesn’t maybe want that. That speaks to me. He might seem brave, but that’s still a fundamental core essence of his character."
Contributed by PirateGoofy