The Japanese FM Towns release of Monkey Island 2 is completely missing the so-called "cliffside puzzle" (which involves stealing a fish from a chef, trading the fish to a fisherman for a rod, and casting your line over a cliff, so a seagull appears and snatches the piece of the treasure map away).

At first, it was speculated this was either a bug (with one person going so far as to officially submit it as a bug for the ScummVM emulator in 2006) or censorship. But looking at the game's source code, the change was seemingly intentional, with additional lines of code being added to tell the program to skip the correct sequence of events.

When asked about this, even former developers and play testers couldn't explain or remember why. Recent consensus is that this was most probably because of a technical issue involving vertical scrolling (where if the screen moved up and down you couldn't have objects or animations on the screen at the same time or the game's script would break - and the cliffside "room" is the only room in the game to feature vertical scrolling).
Contributed by DarkChojin