The game's producer Yoshinori Ono has stated in some interviews that the reason behind including Bad Box Art Mega Man and his highly exaggerated appearance, instead of any other version of the character, was due to Mega Man's co-designer Keiji Inafune's wishes. Ono said that when he asked Mr. Inafune about including the character in the game, Inafune said "that's not interesting, we have seen Mega Man in fighting games before" and then asked Ono to give him "something original". Ono then decided to use the Mega Man from the "awful" North American box art from the first Mega Man game and "make it even wackier" by presuming that Bad Box Art Mega Man has aged since his picture was taken and used in the US box art 25 years ago. Ono said that Inafune "loved the idea" and that was what lead to his inclusion.
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