In an interview with Kotaku, Sefton Hill, game director at Rocksteady Studios, revealed that there was going to be a scene referencing the shark repellent from the 1966 film "Batman: The Movie" starring Adam West. At the part when Tiny the shark bites into Batman's raft, Batman would reach for a compartment on his Utility Belt labeled "shark repellent". Opening the compartment, Batman would pull out brass knuckles which he then uses to beat Tiny with.

"One of the ideas we originally had is the shark comes out and grabs the raft. And then Batman pulls out shark repellent and he opens it up, and inside the shark repellent was a massive knuckle duster. And he just smashes the shark on the nose. And then we thought: maybe the tone is going a bit wrong… then we thought we'd slip it in for New Game Plus. We decided not to."

However, a remnant of this idea is still on the final game. If the player loses against Tiny, one of the Game Over screens leaves the following hint: "Fight off the shark using Batman's powerful shark repellent: a flurry of furious strikes."
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