Although the GameCube Controller itself was well beloved by fans, head of Platinum Games (and former Capcom dev) Atsushi Inaba said it was actually quite frustrating to develop for for devs like him and he wasn't a big fan of it and it's layout and design.

"I didn’t play a lot of GameCube games myself, but on the development side of things you imagined that maybe when Miyamoto-san was designing his games, the large green A button was the one he wanted to get hit first so he made it big [...] When working on Viewtiful Joe, we made the A button the jump button but because it was an action game players wanted to punch and kick, so they would sometimes hit the A button expecting that. In development, you don’t want the player to pick up the controller with any kind of strange prejudices about which button is going to do what. It’s almost safer not to have too much imbalance with the buttons."

Inaba, however still praised the system's software and hardware, saying that it was very easy to develop games for the console itself.
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