If you can sequence break by acquiring the Grapple Beam and Bombs early, a quicker way to defeat the boss Spoiler:Kraid can be performed during the second phase of its fight. Spoiler:By bombing the bottom left corner of the area once the second phase starts, a Morph Ball Launcher can be accessed which will shoot Samus into Kraid's stomach, where you can continually bomb him to death so long as Samus has enough health, which will gradually be drained the longer she is in Kraid's stomach.

Additionally, acquiring the Flash Shift through sequence breaking gives Samus an additional way of attacking the boss. Spoiler:When the Spider Magnet platform raises back up to Kraid's face, Samus can Flash Shift into Kraid's mouth and hold onto it for a short period of time to get some shots in.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater