In a 1991 interview with the game's composer Yoko Shimomura published in vol. 62 of Gamest magazine, she was asked who did the voices for the game's characters. She stated that the team asked people at Capcom to perform them, and had about 30 different employees record their voices. She described it as a "kind of a chaotic jumble", and the team chose the best takes from the recordings, but at that point she had forgotten who voiced who. She also stated that the pronunciation for the English voices needed to be correct, so the team asked some non-Japanese people to voice them. In particular, E. Honda's “dosukoi!” line was originally voiced by a foreigner, although the team ended up not using it. They also tried having a man voice Chun-Li's “Spinning Bird Kick!” in a falsetto voice, but ultimately picked something different after more people auditioned.
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