Upon completing the game once on any difficulty, additional costumes for Heather become unlockable via cheat codes entered on a new menu accessible from the title screen. Exclusively for the PlayStation 2 version of the game, 14 codes were released as promotional tie-ins with 8 North American and 6 European video game media outlets, with each outlet's costume adorned with their respective logos. The participating companies and the codes to unlock their costumes include:

North America:
•Electronic Gaming Monthly, an American magazine, "EGMpretaporter"
•Game Informer, an American magazine, "gameinformer"
•GamePro, an American magazine, "ProTip"
•GMR, an American/Canadian magazine, "GMRownzjoo"
•Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, an American magazine, "SH3_OPiuM"
•PlayStation Magazine, an American magazine, "badical"
•IGN.com, an American website, "IGN_pickleboy"
•GameSpy.com, an American provider of online multiplayer and matchmaking middleware, "iaml33t"

•13ème Rue, a French cable network, unlocked with the code "Suspense"
•Game Reactor, a Scandinavian magazine, "SH3_Wrestlarn"
•Play, a British magazine, "sLmLdGhSmKfBfH"
•G@me Network, an Italian cable network, "IwannabeaGJ"
•Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine, a British magazine, "extra_thumbs"
•PlayStation 2 Revista Oficial - España, a Spanish magazine, "MATADOR"
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