In the Japanese version of the game, the Zora Queen's smooth gem is not a source of her power. The gem is actually her secret to beauty, and she turned fat when she lost her gem. Any reference was changed to power in the US version.

One of the Zora in Zora's Domain says he's fond of the Queen being fat, but in the US he just says that they have to get the gem back. After getting the gem back to Oren, that same Zora was disappointed that Oren became slim again. Another Zora mentions the queen's beauty returning, but it was changed to just "What a relief."

After completing the House of Gales, a Zora says that he was swimming with the queen but lost her, even saying that he lost her because she was so slim. In the US version, nothing about weight was mentioned. It seems likely that these changes were made as Nintendo of America didn't want people to think the game was fat shaming people.