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In the Japanese version, there's a pre-rendered cutscene of Hecuba revealing her true giant mantis-wasp like insect form to Samanosuke Akechi. In International versions however, the scene of her legs, in which her stinger emerges from between her legs, was cut.

In IGN's review of the game, a staff member wrote:
"A special note about Capcom's port to the US: For American gamers who don't get to play the Japanese version of Onimusha, you miss a pretty/nasty transformation scene that was totally hacked in the American version. The scene shows her laying down, spreading her legs and then transforming, quite sexually, into a giant flying wasp. The scene in the US version pretty much cuts out everything. I don't get it though. Onimusha is already rated M, and that scene shouldn't push it into AO territory, so what happened was that the scene was just butchered. Bad Capcom!"
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