Remaining idlr on the game's title screen will cause a Demonstration Mode to play. When the third Demo plays, if the player holds down triangle as the screen fades to black, they can then control Coco during her flying stage. Should the player then pause and select the Warp Room option as if to exit a level early, they will skip the introduction cutscene and immediately begin a new game with all five power ups unlocked from the start.

It is unknown if this is an elaborate hidden cheat, a potential debug function Naughty Dog utilized during development, or just simply an mistake within the game's code.

Alternatively, completing the "level" as normal will spit Crash back out into Warp Room 4. Due to the gate being locked without standard progression the player is now stuck, only able to access those five respective levels.

In the PAL version, this same feature is performed with Start instead of Triangle.
Contributed by Regen-33