In an interview with the game's designer, Fukio Mitsuji, found within BEEP! magazine, he was asked about how he began making Bubble Bobble. He responded that after creating a racing game and a shooting game, he wanted to make something more comical. He believes Bubble Bobble was a game that he put the most thought into, losing sleep whilst thinking of how to improve it. He considers it a deep and memorable game within his life.

"Well, I’d done a racing game now, and a shooting game, so now I thought I’d try my hand at a comical game! And that game was Bubble Bobble."

"How could I, practically speaking, improve and iterate on this new design philosophy of mine? I was always thinking about that question. On Bubble Bobble I worked hard to really push my ideas to the limits. In that sense, Bubble Bobble was probably one of the games I put the most thought into—I honestly lost sleep thinking about how to make it better, better, better. For me personally, it’s a very deep, memorable game."
Contributed by ProtoSnake