Inside the 3DS version's files are unused announcer clips for "Boss Battle," "Tourney," "Events," "Coin Battle," "Master/Crazy Orders," "Smash Tour," and "8-Player Smash," suggesting they may have been available for both versions. All of them except for Boss Battle would later be used for the Wii U version.

As for the 8-Player Smash, there is an announcer clip for "Yellow Team." However, because 8-Player Smash was cut for the 3DS version, so did the Yellow Team.

"Special Smash" can be heard in the Sound Test as voice clip 83 for the Announcer in the 3DS version.

There is an unused Announcer clip saying "Smash World," which may have been an early name for Smash Tour. Similarly, the Japanese name for Smash Tour is "World Smash."
Contributed by GamerBen144