Because of the success of the Street Fighter II animated movie, Capcom included several details from the film in the storyline of the series and other future games.

• The grass field in Australia where Ryu fights Sagat at the beginning of the movie is the stage for Sagat's final battle against Ryu in the Arcade mode of Street Fighter Alpha 2, complete with lightning in the background.
• While the Monitor Cyborgs have yet to be seen in the main games, their biographies are included in the Japanese Street Fighter V website along with their character artwork.
• Senoh, Bison's mad scientist servant, makes a cameo appearance in Bison's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2.
• In his battle intros, Zangief appears wearing the red cape he wears when he is first seen in the movie.
• Ken's longer hair, seen in flashbacks in the movie, is the same style in which it appears in the games.
• The idea of Ken giving Ryu a noogie during their special intro also comes from the movie.
• Ryu's red headband is a gift from Ken, shown in Ken's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2.
• The VTOL jet that Bison used in the movie is seen in many endings in the Alpha series. It is also seen in Bison's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2.
• In X-Men vs. Street Fighter and later games, Cammy will remove a red cloak at the beginning of each match similar to the one in the movie.
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