The "Politician Double" voice pack has a few specific pop culture references, including:
•The popular internet meme, "MURICA!"
•"WE'LL DO IT LIVE!", from Bill O'Reilly's infamous breakdown.
•"GREAT SKULLGIRL OR GREATEST SKULLGIRL?" is a reference to Steven Colbert, who jokingly asked if George W Bush was a "Great President or Greatest President?"
•"YOUR LIFE WAS FAIR AND BALANCED!" is a reference to the infamous Fox News slogan.
•"I DID NOT HAVE PUGILISTIC RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN!" is a reference to Bill Clinton's response after being accused of having an affair.
•"FOOL ME'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!" is a reference to Bush Jr. failing to remember the saying in a similar fashion.
•"HELP CONTROL THE PET POPULATION! HAVE YOUR PETS SPAYED OR NEUTERED!" is a reference to The Price is Right, when the host would say this exact line.
Contributed by mattwo