Some of the music in the game is remixed from the older Mario games. The ones that are easy to tell are;
• Mario's Pad music is a mix of the classic level music from the first Super Mario Bros. and the overworld music to Grass Land in Super Mario Bros. 3.
• The music that plays when Gaz of Rose Town plays with his Geno doll is the classic Super Mario World Athletic theme
• The Starman theme is a remix from the classic Starman theme, albeit a bit harder to hear than the original.
• The underground music is remixed from the classic Super Mario Bros. underground music.

The ones that are harder to tell are:
• The music to the opening cutscene of Princess Toadstool in the garden is actually a slowed down and shortened remix of the overworld music in World 1 - Grass Land, from the game Super Mario Bros. 3.
• Parts of Bowser's Battle theme from the beginning of the game are remixed from the music of Bowser's Fight music in Super Mario Bros. 3.
• The music in Grate Guy's Casino is remixed from the Bonus Stage music in Super Mario Bros. 3.
Contributed by G-Haven