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5 Suikoden Series Trivia - VGFacts Five Trivia
In the first Suikoden, Sheena uses a standard rapier for his weapon. However, in Suikoden II, he takes on his the sword of his father, Lepant, the Kirinji, Kirinji 2, and ultimately Kirinji 3.
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Lorelai has used a different type of weapon in every appearance she has made in the series. She uses a bow in the first Suikoden game, a scythe in Suikoden II, and a whip in Suikoden V. This suggests that she is a strong, well rounded fighter. Her recruitment policy usually requires a high level, further illustrating her own skill.
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Throughout the first three installments, the characters are given a scene in which they must use a fake name. Schtolteheim Reinbach III is an option for a name in all of the games; Viktor uses it in Suikoden 1, the player can give the name to Flik in Suikoden II, and Chris can use it in Suikoden III.

Schtolteheim Reinbach III appears as a character in the fourth installment, which is a prequel to the other games, based around 150 years prior to the events of these games. This would suggest that his name is notable throughout history for some reason.
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While many characters appear in multiple games within the series, Viki and Jeane are the only 2 characters to appear in all main Suikoden games.
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