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Mortal Kombat Part 2 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Two Best Friends Play
Mortal Kombat - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Two Best Friends Play
According to series co-creator Ed Boon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been considered many times as a potential guest character in Mortal Kombat. She has yet to make the cut to this day.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Khameleon is a character who has only been playable or fightable on Nintendo consoles. She first appeared in the Nintendo 64 version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and next appeared in the Wii version of Mortal Kombat Armageddon.
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Johnny Cage's character, design and his iconic Split Punch were based off of Jean-Claude Van Damme's character in the movie Blood Sport.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
When Acclaim did the home console ports of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II, Raiden's name was spelled "Rayden." Ed Boon has stated that he hated how Raiden was spelled with a "Y".
The fighter Noob Saibot is actually the re-incarnated wraith of Bi-Han (Sub-Zero) from the first Mortal Kombat game, who was killed by Scorpion. The fighter with the name Sub-Zero in later games is actually Bi-Han's younger brother, Kuai Liang.
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According to the developers, babalities came about when sound programmer Dan Forden (the man behind the Toasty sound effect) found some baby cries in sound effect CDs. He decided that it would be funny to include them.
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According to the game's developers, adding "˜Friendships' (a finishing move where you perform an act of kindness instead of killing your opponent) to the game was their way of poking fun at all the negative attention and public outcry surrounding the game's fatalities.
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Animalities actually started off as a fan rumor. There were fake pictures of how to turn certain characters into animals as a fatality move. The team were aware of this rumor and decided to incorporate Animalities into Mortal Kombat 3.

However, it was dropped after MK3 because of the difficulties in changing one 3D model into another.
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According to the developers, the idea of Fatalities came from the idea of rubbing your victory in your opponents' faces and to "put an exclamation point on the end of a fight."
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