Monkey Island
While Curse of Monkey Island was being developed, an animated feature film based off of the game series was in consideration. It was believed that Curse of Monkey island was the said movie. However. According to Sam and Max creator Steve Purcell, who was one of the artists providing concept art for the said film, the film would have had an original story as well as introduce new characters. The film never happened, but it's believed that the first Pirates of the Caribbean film from Disney is based off of the purposed script for the Monkey Island film.
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The character sprites for the first game in the series were created in DPaint, which would save the sprites as .brush files.

Guybrush's name was inspired after someone saved one of the character sprites as "guy.brush."
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Ron Gilbert was inspired by the novel "On Stranger Tides" by Tim Powers and partly by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride to create Monkey Island.
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