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Outside Merlin's House in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts, the likeness of an owl can be found on the broken archway in front of the house as well as in the form of several small statues surrounding the building.

Outside Merlin's House in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden in every subsequent game, this owl's presence is reduced to an emblem hanging over Merlin's front door.

These owls are a reference to Merlin's pet owl Archimedes, a character from Disney's 1963 film adaptation of the T.H. White novel "The Sword in the Stone", who does not appear in the Kingdom Hearts series.
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Sora's Parents are only mentioned or appear very few times in the entire series despite what their son goes through. The first is in the cutscene "The Keyblade" during the first game where the storm of darkness hits Destiny Islands. Sora's mom can be heard shouting to her son to come down for dinner to no avail. Moments later, Riku tells Sora, when standing under the dark portal and tempting Sora to come with him, that they won't see their parents again if they willingly go. Another time is when Sora talks to Donald and Goofy about Namine's disappearance in Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and, influenced by a false memory, says that he thinks his parents knew about her disappearance. The last time is in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Spoiler:when Terra visits Destiny Islands and talks to a very young Riku who mentions that his friend's (Sora's) dad took them out on his boat.
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The games' real-time action platforming aspect (in contrast to the turn-based combat of previous Square RPGs) came from a desire by series creator Tetsuya Nomura and others at Square of wanting to make a game extremely similar to and as thrilling as Super Mario 64 after they played that game and were enamored by it. However in order to make the concept stand on its own two feet, they decided to use Disney properties (which made Nomura in particular even more excited and obsessed with the project) as they believed Disney was the only thing that could compete with Nintendo and Mario.
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As revealed in by an interview with a head of Disney Interactive Studios in 2017, the original characters of Kingdom Hearts, such as Sora, although created by Square Enix, are wholly and entirely owned by Disney and the company can do as they please with them.
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