Kid Icarus
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At one point there was a planned Kid Icarus game for the Nintendo Wii. However. It featured an adult version of Pit, contained dark elements that were not in the original version of the game, and it was to be developed by game studio Factor 5.

Former Factor 5 staffer Joe Spataro gave some information in an interview.
"With Icarus, I feel like we were missing the point. Nintendo sent us the model of Kid Icarus, very much like the one that appears in Smash Bros., but we didn't use it. We made our own version. It was more mature, maybe even a little dark. It felt more like Devil May Cry. I knew Nintendo would never go for the adult version of Pit. In fact, I'd wager they took it as an insult that we didn't use their version."

Factor 5 later scrapped this version of the game and a new Kid Icraus game, Kid Icraus Uprising, was released in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.
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The Eggplant Wizard was implemented due to Toru Osawa having a passion for eggplants.
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