Final Fight
Final Fight - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Two Best Friends Play (Matt)
Sodom's way of speaking varies between regions. In the international version, he speaks proper English. In the Japanese version, he tries to speak in Japanese using English phrases.
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According to former Capcom member Seth Killian, Rolento's name was supposed to be "Laurence" when he was in the developmental stages of becoming a character, but due to the L and R confusion in the Japanese language as well as the additions of vowels at the end of words in transliteration, "Laurence" became "Rolento". Judging by Japanese transliteration however, Neo_G may have meant the similar name "Laurent" (ロレント), as Lawrence would have instead been rendered as (ロレンス).
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The Mad Gear gang was named after the top-down racing game of the same name (known as "LED Storm" in the U.S), also produced by Capcom.
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