Dragon Quest
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In 2017, in celebration of Dragon Quest's 30th anniversary, a statue was erected in Sumoto on Awaji Island in Japan. Awaji Island is the birthplace of the series creator, Yuji Horii. According to Horii, each part of the statue is meant to represent something: the Slime for luck, the shield for protection from calamity, and the sword for to cut down evil fate.
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Longtime Nintendo Power writer Alan Averill used a photo of a plush Slime toy as his staff portrait, due to him being too camera-shy to print a photo of himself in the magazine.
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Akira Toriyama's early concept for the iconic Slime enemy shows that they were originally designed to be lavender colored instead of blue.
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The name 'Dragon Quest' was trademarked by Simulations Publications, who used the name for their Pen and Paper RPG. Because of this, the name of the series was changed to 'Dragon Warrior' in North America until the release of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed.
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