Over the series of games, the toads have changed appearance several times.
Rash had red arm bands in early concept art, which never made it into any Battletoads games, but were included in a toy from 1992. Pimple wore the same belt as Zitz on the NES game box art, being the only time he did, while Rash did not have sunglasses and all three toads had the same color skin on the NES box art. In the NES game, Zitz has brown skin to differentiate from the green of Rash. In the same game, Pimple has the same dark green skin as Rash. In Battletoads (arcade) and Battletoads and Double Dragon, Pimple has brown skin, Zitz has blue-green skin and Rash has dark green skin.
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A pilot for an animated series of Battletoads was made in 1992, and some of the people who worked on it would later work on 'The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog'. It didn't meet DIC's expectations, and was subsequently scrapped. It was later released on VHS, but is considered a collectible as it is hard to come by.
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A Battletoads game for the Game Boy Advance was in development, but eventually canceled. A prototype version was created in a few weeks with placeholder character animations, enemy AI and sound effects. The game's design plans were to either make a remake of the original NES game or whatever the developers thought was best. A potential Xbox version was also in consideration.
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