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Some of the moves in Disgaea 3 are parodies of moves from the Dragon Ball anime/manga series.

Marjoly's Omega Drain is similar to Goku's Spirit Bomb. Both moves drain some life energy from all over the world and result in a catastrophically big ball of ki.

The Dragon's Dragon Flash is a straight copy of the scene where Piccolo killed both Goku and Raditz with his Special Beam Cannon.

Both of these are DLC characters and Marjoly originates from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Both of these characters have prior appearances in the Disgaea series, the Dragon being a basic monster class and Marjoly an optional boss/recruitable character. As I could find no information (nor have I ever unlocked Marjoly in my games) I have no idea if she has used Omega Drain in a previous game.

I am not certain if there are more skills like these in the games, it's been forever since I last played any of them. If there are, do point them out.
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