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Incorrect Mega Man Art
If you look at the American box art for Mega Man 3, you may not see any thing wrong with it.
[Image: 340px-Mmbox3.png]
If you look closer at it, you will notice that the two Robot Masters on the cover (Spark Man in the foreground, Top Man in the background) are the wrong color.

Spark Man is all gray, when his official art work and sprite are meant to have some orange.
[Image: Sparkman.png][Image: MM3-SparkMan-SS.png]

Top Man is Green on the cover, but he is Orange in his official art work and sprite.
[Image: Topman.png][Image: MM3-TopMan-SS.png]
[Image: sig.gif][Image: tPrPcGP.png]
[Image: ZachGM91.png]
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I found it pretty messed up how amused Megaman is blowing up those robo-genitals.

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