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Gaming news
Rumor: Cuphead may be coming to the Nintendo Switch along with other Xbox titles. 

If physically, I'll buy it if it includes the DLC.
Cuphead art book is on the way

If this comes out close around my birthday, I know what I'm purchasing myself for a gift.
(02-08-2019, 07:12 PM)RepentantSky Wrote: That's interesting. I guess changing timelines for 2 and 4 doesn't matter that much, and I suppose it's because it explains away Nero not coming up in 2 at all, but also, no one really cares about DMC2, so I think it matters even less than it seems.

Yup. Not only does this change makes a good job explainin Nero's absence in DMC2, but also fixes Dante's character Arc, now having a more consistent personality.

In the original timeline (3>1>anime>4>2>5), it seemed illogical for Dante to be slightly depressed because of Vergil's "death" in the anime, then happy again in 4 after finding out he's an uncle, only to be all serious and broody in DMC2, staying away from Nero, Trish, and Lady so that he could hunt demons on his own.

In the new timeline however (3>1>anime>2>4>5), Dante discovers who he is as a person in 3, avenges his dead mother in 1, difficultly attempts to adjust to day-to-day life without a real purpose anymore in the Anime (+ the sadness of killing Vergil "for real this time"), a good chunk of 2 and its respective prequel novel as the seemingly last surviving member of the Sparda family bloodline, before his encounters with Lucia and Nero in 2 and 4 respectively, showing him that he is not alone. These encounters showed him that there are other good-hearted demons besides him and Trish, that there will be people defending the Earth from the demons after he's long gone and that (in the case of finding Nero) he's not the last surviving menber of the Sparda bloodline, that Dante is in fact, an uncle.

Basically, DMC2 being right after the anime adds to Dante's overall character arc and progression, making it flow more organically. Sure, it took Capcom 10 freaking years to realize this while some of the fans did so way before then, but hey, better late than never I guess.

Another point to consider, albeit a minor one, is that DMC4 Dante looks older than his counterpart from DMC2, so there's that.

DMC has always been a franchise that put gameplay over story (which is not a bad thing), sure. But that doesn't mean that DMC is completely lacking of story at all. For the record, this specific part/paragraph of my post is not directed at RepentantSky, I know he never said DMC has no story at all. I am speaking to that one person reading this who believes that... Well, DMC has no story.

P.S Don't ask me why I am answering your post a month late, because I don't know.


"I mean, that sounds good and all, but what about the power-scaling? It was made clear that DMC2 Dante is the most powerful incarnation until that point , killing extremely powerful demons with ease. What about that?"

Well, in DMC4 it is made clear that Dante is holding back yet he's kicking everyone's asses. Make of that what you will.

"And how did Dante managed to escape from Hell after DMC2s ending? I doubt they are going to explain that in DMC5, given that the change in chronology was made around a week ago and the game comes out in March 8th"

Assuming that they don't explain that plot point in 5, then the most likely option is to leave Adi Shankar to explain this in his upcoming Netflix series. That's sounds like a possibility to me.

Anyway, for the sake of staying on the topic of vidya news.

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the PlayStation 2.

SEGA’s Toshihiro Nagoshi Wants To See Yakuza Online in the West

The Witcher 3 Game Director Just Got Promoted to Cyberpunk 2077 Design Director

PS Vita Officially Ends Production in Japan

Room 8 Launches New Independent Development Studio
I mean, there's disgusting, and then there's Rape Day:

Finally, some gameplay footage of Shenmue 3.
Dragon’s Dogma is Getting an Anime Adaptation from Netflix

Halo The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC.

Konami. If you're going to rebuild your reputation to fix what you've fucked up, this is one way of doing it.
Monster Hunter World on PC Is Getting Free High Resolution Texture DLC (update 5.2 will launch alongside this DLC)

Here’s Everything from the Nindies Showcase Spring 2019 Presentation (for those who missed it) (Arc System Works and PQube Games revealed the release date for Kill la Kill: IF)

New Yakuza PS4 Game Actress Audition Announced by Sega; More Details on Next Yakuza Game Coming in July

Speaking of Yakuza, here's a new trailer of the PS4 remaster of Yakuza 5
Senran Kagura Producer Quits, Largely Blames Rise in Gaming Censorship

Shantae 5 is Officially Announced by WayForward; Coming Later This Year

Toki remake coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Q2 2019
Borderlands 3 confirmed.

The free Bloody Palace update for Devil May Cry 5 is available now.

VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is coming to the PS4 and Switch on May 2.

So Jedi Fallen Order's first trailer is here:

Also this is a thing, but I'd take it with some serious salt because it makes some claims that makes Persona 5's story not make sense:

I mean, these are rumors, but it can't really be an epilogue without downplaying part of the ending in a really bad way, so I hope that's not accurate.
There was just way too much going on today, so I summarized most of it here if you want to read about it:

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