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Resident Evil Trivia
Dino Crisis Developers Interview

Dino Crisis CG Movie Collection DVD that came in the 5th Anniversary Pack.

No English subtitles. Someone translate it, please.

It may not be RE, but its the same people who made it
Hey! Need help for this Resident Evil 1 Remake's GameCube Easter Egg.

Where is this device and what's it called?

There are more Resident Evil facts or other game facts from 'officialマル秘ゲーム' that we might not know. If you guys are interested looking into it.

Before Jill enters the bar with Brad, there's a stand sign of Morrigan Aensland from the Darkstalkers series.
Underneath the title of 'Halloween Cocktails', the drinks' names (Darkness Illusion, Cryptic Needle, Shadow Blade and Astral Vision) are references to Morrigan's moves.

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