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Home Alone reference in Deltarune
In the epilogue of Deltarune's second chapter, the player is able to visit the Police Station; inside is a jail cell containing counterparts of the guard dogs from Undertale, depicted as a group of burglars calling themselves the Wet-Nose Bandits. Talking to them reveals that they attempted to raid a large house during the holidays, only to be attacked by an unseen figure in the shadows before ultimately being arrested. Video footage of this exchange doesn't seem to be available, but there are screencaps:

[Image: t7vgjh29wfr71.png?width=3840&format=png&...9eeaa3fff4][Image: 2sb5dnr9wfr71.png?width=3840&format=png&...b3b2bf5bde][Image: 2t04zgiawfr71.png?width=3840&format=png&...9ed28d783b][Image: znk5rgabwfr71.png?width=3840&format=png&...47cb123c7e][Image: fu3efclcwfr71.png?width=3840&format=png&...35c4539198]

As stated in this video (which unfortunately doesn't include the full text), these characters and their dialogue are an extended nod to the 1990 American comedy film Home Alone. The climax of the film revolves around protagonist Kevin McCallister defending his family's large house from the Wet Bandits, a pair of home burglars, by attacking them with various homemade booby traps. Below is the film's theatrical trailer, which both namedrops the Wet Bandits and depicts scenes from Kevin's battle against them:

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