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Deltarune Almond Milk
In each of the two currently available chapters of Deltarune, the player fights a boss who must be defeated through pacifism: K. Round in Chapter 1 and Sweet Cap'n Cakes in Chapter 2. To enforce this, both bosses instantly heal any damage they receive by "[practicing] self-care," represented by them drinking from a compressed photograph of almond milk.

[Image: 4youvq.png]
[Image: 2a8ed0c86879e921dad9a8c47671e07280b3002a.png]
[Image: 8u8jwj5h87w11.png]

This sprite is specifically taken from an Alarmy stock photo of Silk-brand almond milk, edited to change the logo on the front for legal reasons.

[Image: s7c9nk1htr321.jpg?auto=webp&s=1bc2efee7c...865a7da058]
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