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Deltarune Virovirokun References
In Chapter 2 of Deltarune, the player can encounter enemies called Virovirokun, who, fitting the Chapter's Web 1.0 theme, are pastiches of computer viruses.

[Image: 884ae7b9c92a15d793aa88e530ced6c05162df81.jpg]

While fighting Virovirokun in battle, two of their battle quotes are "Happy new year 1997!" and "I've got a love letter for you." I was able to find video footage of the "Happy new year 1997!" quote via a YouTube upload of a Vinesauce Joel stream, but haven't found any recordings of "I've got a love letter for you." The closest I could find was this video containing AI-generated readouts of Virovirokun various in-battle quotes:

As for the livestream itself, the "Happy new year 1997!" quote can be seen in action at 2:00:15:

These quotes are references to two infamous real-world computer viruses from the end of the 20th century: Happy99 (created in 1999), one of the first viruses to be widely and rapidly distributed by email, and ILOVEYOU (created in 2000), one of the most destructive computer worms in history, infecting over 50 billion computers worldwide and incurring between $5.5 billion and $8.7 billion in damages. Videos about the viruses are included below:

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