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DOA5LR Swan Lake references
In the 2017 Halloween DLC, the costumes for Phase 4, Honoka, and Marie Rose are ballerina outfits that are references to the ballet, Swan Lake.

Honoka is based on the protagonist, Odette.
[Image: 640?cb=20170923171832][Image: 001004_Swan%20Lake%202012%20-%209029%20M...k=uS1qpiON]

Phase 4 is based on the main villain, Rothbart.
[Image: 640?cb=20171017225750][Image: swanlake-slider-5.jpg]

Marie is based on the rival, Odile.
[Image: 640?cb=20170923171901][Image: liv.jpg]
[Image: drakevagabond_by_drakevagabond-d8a45q1.png]
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