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Mario Kart 7 - Waluigi Pinball but no playable Waluigi
Mario Kart 7 is the first game where Waluigi is absent from the game's playable roster. 
However, his stage Waluigi Pinball returns to the game.

This led to outcry from fans, desperate to know why Waluigi was cut from the game, with even a playable mod of Waluigi being created.

I have a possible theory as to why Waluigi didn't make it to the game.

Remember how Super Mario 3D Land was delayed by the Tokyo earthquake in 2011 and how Nintendo outsourced the game to their affiliate company? I have a feeling that the earthquake caused Nintendo to outsource Mario Kart 7 to Retro Studios to help develop the game, and that the game had to be delayed until the holiday season that year. Time constraints for such a company that was affected by an earthquake may have been the reason why Waluigi was scrapped.

But in the end, that's just my theory.

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