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Mario Kart Tour is a Main Game?
Whilst no trivia piece has been posted about it, still c'mon: https://www.deviantart.com/smash-univers...-814414626

When did Nintendo themselves ever confirm MKT as the 9th Main Mario Kart game? It's a mobile game, and mobile games get to the point of no longer being usable, a fate that's already happened with Miitomo and surprisingly still hasn't happened with Super Mario Run.

Put it this way, it's not numbered, it lacks anti-gravity mechanics, it has Retro Tracks that've already been used, and it doesn't have any Wii and Wii U Retro Tracks, there could even be other mobile Mario Kart games in the future. Once the Switch does finally have a new Mario Kart game, more likely it's in fact to be called Mario Kart 9: https://apple.news/A4nR_sfWNSFKD7wAMzNd6Gg
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