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Hey guys, no idea of how many of you are still here.

Here in Spain we are in lockdown. We can't go out unless it's for buying food, work (depends what type of work. Most, like me, can't go) or go to the pharmacy. They will fine you if you go for a walk for example.

A friend of mine and his family has it. His mother was hit the hardest and she is in the hospital but I think she will be alright. 

The numbers of infected is still growing fast and unfortunately the deaths too.

How is the situation where you live?
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My family isn't taking it all too well and I am on the backburner as my military unit is yet to be called into action...for now.

As an Introvert and overall pessimistic optimist, nothing has changed other than not working.
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Colorado here and we're also in lockdown but it's a bit less strict than other places. We're allowed to be outside for essential activities (e.g. groceries, walking dogs, work if your work is still allowed to be open, etc.) and are also allowed to do things like go out for a walk as long as you stay at least 6 feet away from other people. I already work from home so the only real change I've had to make is not being able to go to the gym for the time being.

Best wishes to anyone more seriously affected <3
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