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Colossus making things and stuff!
So, this one time, I got crabs...
At a Red Lobster..
But this isn't the time to tell you about how I got crabs. Long story short, depression sucks (and I know a handful of you on here know what I'm talking about).

What am I doing? Where have I been? Great questions!

Here's the thing, I'll get to all that in a vent thread or somewhere else. Instead, I'm here to talk about what I've been up to the past three months. On the first Monday of November, I was let go from my job (six years, Senior Electronic Technician) and sat around in the frozen wasteland of Minnesota depressed as fuck (because fuck the snow). 

Anyways, it's almost 6:00 AM here (no, you go to bed SERIOUSLY THOUGH) and I thought I would share what I have been doing since I've been laid off. (Spoiler: I play with LASERS!)

And if you like video game remixes, I have a playlist of music from ocremix.org here:

I also finished building a larger CNC machine. Here is a preview of the end result:
[Image: Cg0zXi2.jpg]
Random Crap I do on YouTube

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