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Sonic Adventure 2 -- Bernal -> Bernoulli
In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails refers the ARK as the first "Bernoulli spherical space colony". This is phrase is meaningless, as Bernoulli is a mathematician and physicist most known for his contributions to fluid dynamics (the Bernoulli principle is named after him). This is actually the result of a mistranslation, as the original Japanese has Tails says "ベルナール " or bernal, in reference to a bernal sphere, which is a space habitat designed for long time use, proposed by John Desmond Bernal in his book "The World, The Flesh, & The Devil."

(Japanese, line is at 30:27, watch with CC on for fan translation)

(English, line is at 18:52)

Here is a link to Bernal's book if you would like to take a read:
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