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Reputation System
Hey everyone. As of tonight, I disabled the reputation system on the VG Resource sites due to an ever-increasing number of people abusing it. It had been a headache for quite a while but recently, issues have been popping up more and more often and it just wasn't worth keeping it there.

While there haven't been any real issues with the system here, I've felt for a long time that it isn't really needed but I don't want to just disable it here when there isn't cause to do so specifically, at least not without asking you guys what you think first. Would any of you be really upset to see it go or do most of you not really care one way or the other? If anyone has any feedback, please share it here!
Thanked by: ZpaceJ0ck0
I don't think it should be deleted, because like you said there hasn't been any real issues with the system here. Sure, it's not used as much as in back in the day, but I am sure there are other features that aren't used as much yet they're still there.

It should stay.
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I see no harm in letting it stay. But if it is abused like we've seen before by trolls, I understand the need to remove it in the future.
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That's more or less the response I figured I'd get and it's fair enough. I won't be doing anything with it here for the time being.

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