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Classic Mode Title References in Ultimate
Interesting thing about Ultimate, the unique Classic Mode titles for some of the fighters actually reference something about them:

*Mario's title "Let's-a-Go": Self Explanatory for being one of his Phrases.

*Link's title "A Quest to Save Darkness": References the main plot of most Zelda games where Link's on a mission to seal away Ganon.

*Dark Samus' title "The Great Poison Given Form": Refers to the name of the essence that Dark Samus was created from.

*Kirby's title "Gourmet Clash": References the title of Gourmet Race, one of the minigames featured in Kirby Super Star.

*Pikachu's title "I Choose You!": Pretty much that's a reference to Ash Ketchum's signature catchphrase from the Pokemon Anime, as well as the title of the first episode.

*Luigi's title "Luigi's Nightmare": Based off the coward he is.

*Ness' title "Home to Onett": Pretty much is a reference to the Homesick Status featured in Earthbound.

*Jigglypuff's title "All Original, All 64": References the fact that Jigglypuff is a member of the Perfect Attendance Crew for being in the Smash Bros. franchise since the original, and since it's opponents are also members of the Perfect Attendance Crew.

*Peach's title "No Damsel in Distress": Reference to her role in many Mario games where she's a damsel in distress that Mario has to rescue from Bowser.

*Daisy's title "Sarasaland Represent!": Self Explanatory, since she's Princess of Sarasaland.

*Bowser's title "The Red One! Every Red One!": Based off his long time rivalry with Mario.

*Dr. Mario's title "Colourful Treatment Plan”: Based on the many different coloured viruses that he takes on in his games.

*Marth's title "A Kingdom of Dragons": Possible reference to Marth's battle against Dolhr, a kingdom ruled by the dragon Medeus in his own game.

*Mewtwo's title "Psychic Control": Refers to how powerful Mewtwo's psychic abilities are, in addition to it's abilities to control overs into doing it's bidding such as with Nurse Joy in the first Pokemon movie.

*Meta Knight's title "Two Sides of the Same Coin: References the fact that Meta Knight has doubled as both a hero and a villain.

*Pit's title "Fighting for the Goddess": All of Pit's classic mode Battles are analogues to the bosses that he faces throughout Kid Icarus Uprising.

*Dark Pit's title "Created Warriors": Reference to how Dark Pit was created in Kid Icarus Uprising.

*Wario's title "I'm-a Gonna Win": Obviously based on what he says when winning a race in Mario Kart 64.

*Snake's title "Weapons and Equipment OSP": References Snake's need to obtain weapons and gear in each game of the Metal Gear series.
*Ike's title "The Black Glad Warriors": Possible reference to Ike's rival The Black Knight.

*Pokemon Trainer's title "Future Champion": Of course that's a reference to the goal in each Pokemon game to become the Pokemon Champion.

*Diddy Kong's title "Hey Little Buddy!": Something DK has been known to refer to Diddy as in the Donkey Kong Country TV Show, which has also been used in some of the games as well such as with the Donkey Kong Country Manual.

*Sonic's title "Speed of Sound": References the fact that the term "Speed of Sound" has been commonly used in Sonic's franchise, for instance in the lyrics of Escape from the City in Sonic Adventure 2.

*Wolf's title "Reunited Roster": References the fact that Wolf is a fighter who'd been dropped from the roster at some point in the franchise, and that he faces of other veteran fighters that had also hadn't been in the previous game (not counting those that were DLC Fighters after not being in the Base Roster).

*Mega Man's title "Variable Weapons System: Online!": Refers to Mega Man's variable weapons system that allows him to duplicate abilities from his foes.

*Rosalina's title "One Star After Another": Refers to Rosalina and Luma's goal to find their mother in Super Mario Galaxy.

*Palutena's title "A Little Divine Intervention": References something she said in her Reveal Trailer for Smash 4.

*Robin's title "Thunder and Flames": Self Explanatory, Robin tomes Thunder and Fire.
*Bowser Jr.'s title "Mama Peach, Where are You?:" Reference to his debut in Super Mario Sunshine where he thought that Peach was his mother.

*Duck Hunt's title "Duck, Dog, Zapper": Self Explanatory, it references the elements of his character.
*Ryu's title "Seeking a Challenge": References the single player mode of Street Fighter II.

*Ken's title "Red-Hot Rivalry": References how Ken has always been Ryu's rival.

*Cloud's title "A Ride? Not Interested": References Cloud's motion sickness that he's known to have in Final Fantasy VII, in addition to his catchphrase “Not Interested!”.

*Corrin's title "Between Black and White": This title originated as an epithet given to Corrin on a Fire Emblem Cipher Trading Card released in 2018.
*Bayonetta's title "The Requiem of Fallen Wings": References the epilogue of Bayonetta titled Requiem.

*Inkling's title "An Inkcredible Journey": Based off the play on words used in Splatoon.
*Ridley's title "It Can't Be Space Pirates": References the fact of Ridley being leader of the Space Pirates, as well as a line spoken by Samus when encountering him in Metroid: Other M.

*Simon's title "Smash-vania": An obvious pun on the names Smash and Castlevania.
*Richter's title "Smash Echoes": Self Explanatory as Richter is an Echo Fighter, and each of his rounds have him facing off other Echo Fighters.
*King K Rool's title "Super Heavy Weight Class": That's based of Boxing Terminology, and King K Rool in Donkey Kong 64 was fought in a Boxing Ring.

*Isobel's title "Best in Show": References the real life Conformation Shows that dogs are known to participate in.

Will add others in for DLC Fighters at a later title if their titles have references.
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I've now decided to post about this after all, of which is now as we speak currently in my Pending Submissions queue, assuming noone else has such a submission about Ultimate's Classic Mode titles in their own Pending Submissions queue already.
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Seeing as a place that actually lists the Classic Mode titles in Ultimate might also be needed to help this sound more convincing, I've decided it would be a good idea to place this in as well from a place that's not one of the forbidden sources: https://www.elecspo.com/games/super-smas...d-by-leaks

There's also this, which is a playlist of all the fighters' Classic Mode playthroughs in Ultimate: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh...voVXmVH60z

If it be wise to also include some of these fighters taking on Classic Mode as well to help get an understanding of some stuff I mentioned, here are those with titles that reference the opponents faced:

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It seems as if GameXplain has started doing videos talking about each fighter's classic mode, being done 5 at a time as seen in this playlist:

There's also someone whose done a video explaining every character's classic mode all in the same video (except for DLC Fighters who have their own fighter):

The Classic Modes of the DLC Fighters can be explained in this Playlist of the Videos talking about them: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3...Iy23r_3CVR

I still wish to use this trivia evidence piece though for good reasons when it comes to making such a submission about Classic Mode title references in Ultimate.
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As stated before, I'll be adding in DLC Fighters to this Trivia Evidence piece that still hasn't been approved of if any of their classic mode titles contain references/easter eggs to something, which has recently applied to Piranha Plant:

It's classic mode title "New Bloom" seems to reference how Piranha Plant is one of the new fighters in the game, and that each of it's opponents are the other Newcomers (except for those DLC Fighters arriving after Piranha Plant).
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Any questions about my mentionings in this Trivia Evidence piece or mentionings of things I forgot to mention, feel free to leave a reply about them. I mean if this trivia does not get accepted it would atleast be worth posting a reply explaining what it could use to get accepted, I'm always happy to keep searching the internet for easter eggs like these.
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Based on how these quoted previous threads to the Trivia Evidence pieces are causing the page to barely load, I decided to take them out, so nothing will have to be read of more then once. The thing is when replying to threads on the form for more info, they leave a previous thread in a quote box, which I'm sure has a good reason to be there.

This is supposed to be a Trivia Evidence piece for the Classic Mode titles in Ultimate that contain easter eggs and references, of which needed to sound convincing, videos were required, what else was I supposed to've gone with?: https://www.vgfacts.com/forums/thread-4411.html

Either way I spoke with fellow VGFacts Contributors like Zpacej0k about this, posting a Trivia Evidence piece about all the Classic Mode titles in Ultimate that contain easter eggs and references is no different from a Trivia Evidence piece that's about the Boxing Ring titles that contain easter eggs and references, of which got accepted on VGFacts fine: https://www.vgfacts.com/forums/thread-21...oxing+Ring
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The recently arrived DLC Fighter in Ultimate Joker has a Classic Mode title containing a reference/easter egg. It's called "Shadows", referencing the recurring enemies that you face in the Persona franchise:

Persona 3

Persona 4

Persona 5
And in case anyone's wondering, still no VGFacts Staff have seen upon this Trivia Evidence piece of mine for a Trivia Submission of mine that's awaiting approval, I haven't had any private messages from any staff so far this year in fact about any of my Pending Submissions being accepted or rejected.
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