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Spider-Man Games - Trivia & Easter Eggs
I need time to think what to type, so for now I will save time by putting my sources here. If anyone wants to help out, feel free.

Halfway through Spider-Man 1's development, or several months into Spider-Man 1's development, I wasn't happy with the swinging in Spider-Man 1. It was kinda like flying, but with cosmetic webs shooting into the sky. I wanted... I wanted to feel like Spider-Man. To me, that meant, y'know, physics taking over. A more visceral experience, like being a bob on a pendulum. But I also kind of figured that's gonna be really hard to control, if you're... y'know, if you just have a gamepad. So that's when I got the idea of sort of an artificially-intelligent, assisted thing that's making choices about where to swing from that would be smart about saying 'oh, here's a building corner, let's attach to that building corner and swing around it.'
Jamie took that dissatisfaction with Spider-Man 1's swinging and his idea for how he thought it ought to work, and he began staying late at night at Treyarch, where he was working on the first game, working on a very very rudimentary prototype of this system.
All the executives and upper management who looked at it - at this little prototype that I'd whipped together - said: "We cannot change the direction this game is going this late into the project when we've already made a few levels." And... I had to agree. It did not show enough promise. But when Spider-Man 2 came around, then I had the opportunity to say: Hey, can I finish that thing? If you want me to be technical director on this project, I'd really like the opportunity to do this! So... I did.
At that point, Jamie's prototype became the skeleton for how swinging worked in Spider-Man 2, and he was able to bring his Treyarch colleagues on to help him. However, to maximize the chance of this system being successful - and to try to ensure it actually shipped with this mechanic in place - Jamie and his team kept the swinging a pretty well-guarded secret inside of Activision up until the very last second.
At the end of this process, we'd try to keep upper management away from it until it's ready to show. "No, don't look at it yet, don't look at it yet." And then, finally... Finally, we got to that point where it was like, yes, it's ready to show.

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The hands of the clock on the Trinity Church rest at 1:21, a reference to "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" appearing in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #121. Additionalyy, the color of the window is green & purple, like the Green Goblin's costume.

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