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Leisure Suit Larry returns with a new game

I will admit. This did surprise me. The last time Larry Laffer returned without Al lowe, both games were a disaster. I kinda want to see the game in motion first since the art is a bit interesting to me.
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Talk about games that have no place in modern gaming. This thing is gonna get critically panned when the first trailer drops, supposing it actually manages to get enough attention to even be worth it. I mean beyond the obvious sexism, the jokes I just read from that post alone bother the hell out of me. What a dumb idea.
"There's a new Leisure Suit Larry game for some reason."

"The note to press includes the following eye-rolling line:"

"I thought the Leisure Suit Larry series died after ex-Eurogamer extraordinaire Ellie Gibson savaged 2013's terrible Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded."

"Did the crazy bunch not get the memo?"

This fella sure has his unbiased reporting in line don't he?

Larry's always been a niche thing. Kinda sucks to see it attacked like this before its even out for review.
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