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How to defeat Oddjob in Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer?
Is your friend still being a jerk while playing as Oddjob just for winning?

Well guest what? There is a way to defeat Oddjob without cheating.

First you need a GameCube Controller to Nintendo 64 Adapter by Raphnet Technologies.

You also need a GameCube Controller.

Hook up your GameCube Controller to Nintendo 64 and turn the system on.

Hold down the Start button until you see a Red Light on Adapter.

Enter the following code:
Then push Start after you finish.

I also recommend to save this Profile by hold down Start button until you see a Red Light on Adapter then push R and any D-Pads you wish to save at. To load a Profile. Hold down the Start button until you see a Red Light on Adapter then push any D-Pads where you just save a Profile at.

What this Profile does. It maps a C-Stick as Analog Stick, Analog Stick as C Buttons, R as Z, and L as R.

Keep that in mind. You also have to use a C-Stick to move a cursor in Menu Screen.

Go to Multiplayer. Go to Control Style. For your GameCube Controller, Set it to 1.2 Solitaire while the rest of your friends who are still using Nintendo 64 Controller can set to 1.1 Honey.

Once you're all set. Now you can shoot Oddjob as a revenge for cheating!

Please with me know if this helps.

Have fun!
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I don't have the components to try this out; do you care to clarify exactly what happens? I feel like this would qualify as a type of trivia.

Back in the day, I didn't have a problem with Oddjob. I'd even play my friends 3 against 1 and they hung out away spawn points.
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