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Shuntaro Furukawaka is the new president of Nintendo

I was going to post this in the gaming news post, but something like this required its own post. This is a big deal. Nintendo has a new president replacing Kimishima. Kimishima will stay on board, but as an advisory role. Here on gonintendo it mentions what Shuntaro is going to do. I think we got ourselves a successor to Iwata right here. Your thoughts?
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Well... this is unexpected.

Overall, I don't have any strong opinions on Mr.Furukawa as of yet. The only thing I can say is that he seems passionate about gaming, which is always good for a videogame company.

Let's see what the future holds before judging him properly.
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Isn't he the president that was appointed as a temp to replace Iwata after his passing? If so than I wonder why this took so long. He wasn't supposed to do this long term and he stayed in that spot up until now which goes against what Nintendo originally told us.
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He's done a lot for Nintendo just isn't as well known. Should be great!
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