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Fido's unreleased adventure.
Now. I know most of you know about 7 up's cool spot, but are you familiar with 7 up's first mascot Fido Dido?

I found out that there was  a video game planned with him that was developed in the 90s, it was unreleased, but it was made around 1993. Around the days of the Sega Genesis and Super Nes.


It has also been found that both versions of the game had two different stories, while the Genesis's version hasn't revealed its story. Someone who has worked on the game had stated that the story of the game was based around the comics of Fido Dido, not around the 7 up brand.  


Here's some footage of the SNES version. It also tells a bit of the game's story of that version(You might wanna turn down your volume, its a bit loud)
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