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Splatoon 2 Tournament (USA) Players needed.
Anyone want to team up for the Splatoon 2 tournament next Saturday? My roommates backed out yesterday while looking for a fourth.
Positions open: 3 and 1 alternate
-Be good? Idk I want to advance a bit and not get wrecked on first attempt.
-Discord and mic/headphones.
-Internet won't cut out.
-Open all day Saturday the 21st of April.

Info on me:
Duel weapon.
Usually top team player.
Working full time job mon-fri and off around 6pm central time.

I will update this as positions fill out.

Random Crap I do on YouTube

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-6116-3421-8335
Please PM me if you add me, otherwise I may not add you back!
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