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Rayman 3 Removed Boss Character
Originally in Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc, in the 8th level 'Hoodlum Headquarters' there was going to be a boss character named Scaleman who would have fought Rayman on his route to stop the leader of the Black Lums Andre and his accomplice Reflux.  

However in the gameplay video, Scaleman is nowhere to be found. Only concept art exists for this character:

[Image: 320px-R3HH-Kagalfa-Artwork.jpg]

Despite being cut in Hoodlum Havoc, Scaleman did eventually make an appearance as the fourth boss in the handheld versions of Rayman 3 for the Gameboy Advance and the Nokia N-Gage. The player must defeat him by throwing Rayman's fists at him until he shrinks in size and deliver a hit with Rayman's torso. 

Rayman 3 (Handheld) Scaleman Boss Fight:

More on this removed boss: https://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Scaleman
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