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New info on the Minecarft stage.

You can actually choose what biome you go to on Steve's stage by imputing button commands! Makes me wonder if they are going to release an update where you can do this with every transforming stage.

EDIT: patch notes.

EDIT 2: So I found this thought provoking comment about Sakurai and I wanted to share it.

jsteele01 Wrote:Most of what we hear of Sakurai is his seemingly insane level of dedication to his craft. But the more I look in to Japanese culture, specifically Japan’s cultural issues, I’ve learned that kind of [over] work [ethic?] is problematically common across Japan.

Articles about Japanese people literally overworking themselves death are easy to find, and the statistics associated with those articles are alarming, to say the very least. Tons of companies have taken preventive measures to limit how many hours per day their employees can work for them, some even implementing daily mantras and rituals to enforce new habits and put a stop to overwork culture.

Not to take anything away from Smash’s creator, of course. But now I think Mr. Sakurai and his extreme work habits are more of a product of his culture, rather than the ‘one in a zillion, insane loner genius ’ stereotype/ trope he is often portrayed as.

I would like to add this: I feel that there's no need for Sakurai to take a year(s) long break or step down, as many people suggest. What he actually needs is some sort of therapy or self help to get him to balance his job and his health properly. In other words, what he needs is help finding that life-work balance.

With that being said, if Sakurai actually wants to take a vacation then it's cool. I mean, why would anyone be against that?
I know I'm late, but Nintendo dropped a patch 9.0.1 out of nowhere.

There's also this:

"Travis finds out he's a Mii Fighter Costume" by Stanpai.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 9.0.2 update coming soon.

Nintendo Versus Wrote:Ver. 9.0.2 of #SmashBrosUltimate will arrive in the near future! This update will include fighter adjustments, meaning replay data from previous versions will be incompatible. Convert your replays by going to Vault -> Replays -> Replay Data -> Convert to Video, before updating.

Correction: This update will not feature fighter adjustments.
The Big House Online Canceled After Cease & Desist from Nintendo

This one is about Melee rather than Ultimate, but I still think it belongs here.
There's gonna be a new tournament event called Beware the Mushrooms for 3 days starting on Friday December 11.

Also, a new Super Smash Ultimate fighter will be revealed tonight at The Game Awards!
Is Sephirot. The 8th DLC character is Sephirot. He's coming this month.

Geno and Sora fans are obviously not happy about this. But hey, they still haven't revealed the Geno Mii Costume.

EDIT: Mr. Sakurai Presents announced for Sephiroth on December 17.
Here's the full Sephirot presentation.

Here's the trailer for the 8th round of Mii costumes.

Sorry to all the Geno fans out there. Those guys have been asking for Geno as playable for more than a decade now and what do they get? A metaphorical slap to the face.

I mean, really? Not even a Deluxe Mii costume?
Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are the next DLC Fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, coming in March.

INB4 "EEWWWW!! Another anime swordfighter!?!?"

No no, these are not swordfighters. They are just the swords. Mr. Sakurai was tired of hearing complaints about too many fighters using swords, so this time he choose new fighters that were just the swords. Problem solved, right?

But for real tho, will Smash fans ever realize that swords are the most common type of weapon in pretty much all of fiction? Probably not.

EDIT: as for the character themselves, they are alright. It's nice to see more Nintendo characters/reps after getting so much third party DLC, yes I know we already got Byleth and Min Min, but still. It's good specially because this new character comes from a Nintendo franchise that (before today's reveal) only had one playable rep. Extra points because it's not a character from Fire Emblem, a franchise that has enough representation as it is.
Nintendo of America Wrote:Tune-in on 3/4 at 6am PT for an in-depth look at the new Super #SmashBrosUltimate DLC fighter, Pyra/Mythra, with Director Masahiro Sakurai. He will also reveal the fighter’s release date!

The presentation will be roughly 35 minutes long, and there will be no further new fighter announcements.
Here's the link to tomorrow's presentation.
Here's the 9th round of Mii costumes.
All balance changes in version 11.0.0

EDIT: One of patch 11.0's biggest buffs was an unlisted change for Wii Fit Trainer's Header special in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Patch 11.0.1 now available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, only reverts Wii Fit Trainer's landing recovery for side special

EDIT: Team Ninja Says It's "Waiting" For Ryu's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invite

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